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The rain pours around me

Crashing from the heavenly sky

It surrounds me with its splashing vapor, an ora to disguise

It hides who I am from the world

Ripping my soul to the ground

Trickling into the rushing stream

Joining the flow of so many dreams

Walk in the midst of the storm

Arms held to the sky but with breath so warm

Splashing droplets cool a burning soul

In one stare last night you burned in me a hole

Your penetrating stare under the lighting filled sky

Lit a fire in the heart of not any but this guy

One moment of complete darkness

No landscape to see

Yet so sudden the crash of thunder and the world you’ve lit up for me

Coming in sight at a distance

Weighed down by the weight of water yet I cannot resist it

Pulling me closer

Ignoring the danger of such power and beauty

Willing to risk this perfect storm to experience something few see

I quicken my pace to see your face

A flash and a boom and not too soon!

While the world shakes and trembles

I capture a glimpse and cannot believe what you resemble

Ingenuity and contrast of darkness and light

Stars and their jealousy of such a night

Left to lie at a distance capable only of watching in awe

With you, no longer only from afar

The heavens breathe– in a moment trapped– I refuse to leave

Close your eyes and can’t you see?

It is too difficult to believe

Tonight, the perfect storm rained for just you and me?