Looking back though life

The decisions we make

The ones we regret

The ones to this day we hardly understand

A decision is magnified continuously over time

It is something that plagues you

It is strange how we can end up on the bad side of things all over again

It is strange how much of my love I remember

I still try to believe it’s only because she is the only one who fell with me

It changes everything as you do remember it

So many memories I once blocked out

They seem to always submerge

I hate people’s empty words

I will take silence every time rather than your meaningless words

I will not make you say them

So why is it you speak with such passion?

Like it is suddenly in fashion

Your words have real effect on people

They give hope

And hope is a dangerous thing

When your words are really, hopeless

I’d ask the world to leave me alone

Do not begin to feel a single ounce of emotion towards me

Because if you tell me you love me

I might be stupid enough to believe it

So leave me with my thoughts

And leave with your fashionable love

Because you wear it like a glove

And when it seems real

You take it off- leaving me to fade into the surreal