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The leaves are falling- the air is crisp

Yesterday it seemed winter would never come

Today it is at my doorstep

The Earth is wet from perhaps the last rain of the fall

I feel the needle dropping

The water will soon turn to ice

People have crossed the country, to be with the one’s they love

I gaze out my bedroom window

The trees are growing bare

The once vibrant autumn leaves are fading into the Earth

I can see the branches tremble

A cool November breeze is sweeping through

Today I see no children at play

The world seems to be together

I await those that I love, traveling by car and plane

While another that has my heart– has already left miles away

The trees so tall, connect only with the Earth

The once playful birds seemed to have decided this is too far north

It is strange how far our love can travel

Spanning all the world for some, while for others after a few miles it will unravel

I can see her smile in the scattered rain

Imagining her lips, relieving any and all pain

I imagine the right girl will show her face in any season

I believe the right girl will be right, without any reason

Today the sun will not shine

The clouds- gray, I say is just fine

Tomorrow is thanksgiving

So today I give thanks for living

Thanks for the good, thanks for the bad

Thank you for my window through which I gaze

Thank you even in the absence of the sun’s rays

And thank you, because far too many never offer thanks.