Every time I leave you, you leave me with this certain smile

It seems one that has been missing for quite a while

I am a romantic in a world full of love to seek

But something, no everything about you this time makes it so very unique

I meet all these girls yet from them such little emotion does seep

Day by day your hold on me continues to creep

If I don’t see you tonight perhaps I will find you in my sleep

A wondrous dream-world chasing you only to fall at your feet

To get so close I think I will catch you,

Just to find you only another moment away

As the days pass I wonder it will always be this way

Moving so fast I try and catch you but it seems I’m chasing your past

One that I was not a part of yet it causes you to fear something in my eyes

Thousands of life stories building your certainty on the nature of all guys

I will not tell you I’m different because if you weren’t already able to see that,

this wouldn’t have ever meant a thing

Each night I wait for a certain ring

The one that brings your voice a little closer to me

So close that I can feel your whisper on my ear

A whisper that each day shows it has less to fear

Because at a distance very uncertain did it appear

But as it drew near, passionate intention became luminescently clear

A clarity found in the brightest skies at night

Traced back to the days of laying on the grass with each other in plain site

In each others presence but really nothing more

Barely even friends in those days, fascinating how it all can change

Become something new yet completely undefined

Another uncertainty only understandable in time

But I am certain of the way you make me feel

I am certain that I will fight for you to be free from even an ounce of pain

And I will always be curious of how your lips might taste in a perfect summer night’s rain.