Remember the times when only dreams were on your mind.

The times before the world taught you what to look and find

Please for me take a minute and forget to breathe

Away from every worry it is time to leave

Close your eyes and it is not darkness you’ll see

Reach your hand towards the warmth and you will find me

Trust that where we go the world will cannot

We can disappear from this routine pattern of feeling

For just a minute I’ll release you from being closed in by this emotional ceiling

I will inspire a chemical mix disabling you of concealing

With no vision you know only what you feel

Every day appearances – no longer real

Without your breath an enormous weight is released from your chest

A world of troubles is no longer in your field of vision

In this minute you discover without prescriptions there’s nothing missing

It is you and me in this realm of sensation

When I lean to kiss you I have no capability of hesitation

Falling victim to inner passion can be no fault

For these sixty seconds imagine that this is the way the world could always be

For these sixty seconds imagine the boy falling for you might just be me

For these sixty seconds you are the queen of my world

No one can touch you as you sit perched upon a pedestal of pearls

The world exists to inspire your heart

It seems it may have been this way from the start

No one can tell you who or what you are

But for you to remain in this world with me just a moment longer,

I’ll wish upon a star.