Do you believe that the world can change in just one instant?

Imagine all the days that you counted the ways no matter whose face,

left with the same unsatisfied taste.

You wanted to waste away in their arms

But they threw out your beauty leaving yet another scar

As you walk through the door the room falls into a frozen silence

Instantly cast under your spell disabling any defiance

Tonight I might see you, and I cannot wait

I don’t want to believe in this too much

Because often that leaves me with an empty crush

I don’t want to use you like a crutch

We balance one another with so simple as a smile

When you laugh so hard and snort like it’s in style

When I grasp your hand I feel electricity in your veins

It inspires a feeling that I hope will always remain

I need not give it a name

But before you let me get too much,

You pull away leaving me with the fantastic memory of your gentle touch

The soft sensuous warmth that soothes my soul

The girl I get lost in starring at whose breath is anything but cold

You heat me up and as we boil so hot

I’m afraid in falling that I will be unable to ever stop.