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Nearing something so real

For the first time in a while you can’t deny what it is I make you feel

Be scared be anything you wish

But there is no way you can say you don’t feel when I give you a kiss

Maybe after you will wish it to be a moment you missed

Something you wish you wouldn’t have felt

Because certain feelings make us melt

They breakdown the walls that we build ourselves into

Over the years it seems we fight off every emotion just to keep away the ones we fear

But we cannot hide forever

You may deny me, but not the wonderful feelings you are destined to have

The countless times you light up a room with your laugh

You think my sincerity is too good to be true

Just take a second and look at you

No bullshit

These things you are bringing to my life give me hope in not having to strife

I dream about a place where the truest of things can be connected by a spark

One that boils the blood of another so hot,

Losing the ability of saying when to stop

Biting your lip, I pray not to slip

For if I slip away I may be gone tomorrow

And if the sun falls I may only be left with your chilling voice through phone calls

I know it won’t be enough, at least not for me

I’m crazy about you, surely you can see

Please take in all sensations when feeling

Let your self be free.