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Ask me to protect the beauty that runs everlasting though your veins.

The smile and laugh I love that soothes like a jungles rain,

A splash of life on my face that cures the wickedest of pains.

All of these words and rhymes cannot do this emotion you evoke justice.

As soon as I taste your lips I know I can’t get enough of this.

I have allowed myself to be consumed in your presence.

This doesn’t happen in the passing of ordinary days,

Driving through a thick fog of uncertainty as life becomes an unclear haze.

Your light and clarity, are these days such a rarity,

They point me in a direction I think I want to travel,

Suddenly before your eyes you may witness me unravel

And from a usual eloquence my words stray as I begin to babble,

But won’t you please babble with me along the way

I promise to try and not let you down and take all your pain away

Anything that will help prevail your smile

Fight your eternal frown

Turn your world around,

Because you have too many bad experiences from this shitty town,

But I wish to play for you a new sound

Take a moment and look what it is you’ve found

Because I’m thinking about it everyday

It being you, you see I’m blown away

All the words in the world will not tell you how to feel

But believe me in this moment, this, you, me, we’re very real.