And this is the end of the words I give to you this season

If you are left feeling amazing, well you are the reason

You have inspired all of this with a simple kiss

One that is slipping into the twilight of the days

But in my memory it will always be lit up by glorious sun rays

We have spent some wonderful long nights by each other’s side

When I see you I have a grin that’s so damn wide

Some feelings I never hide

Often manifest a wickedly painful ride

But this time, what you see is what you get

I’d rather the pain than a moment of regret

These words are not a push for anything from you

I simply felt you should know in everyway you make me feel

Because if all of this is not who you are, then somehow I fell for an imaginary star

I used to like fairytales, they evoke such passionate imagination

But the you I see before me, is no magical hallucination

The you I am falling for is not a mirage of the ocean’s surface in the deepest desert

If you consider giving me a small part of your heart I promise to treasure it

For some reason I have been alone most my life

Don’t let that scare you into thinking this is more than it is

I love the way we make one another smile

And all I ask is to try and hold onto this for a little while

Because life with this is much better than without

And you in my system is like the coldest water after an eternities drought.