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By Kevin Alan Lamb

To see for an eternity uninterrupted

It is a breath of life that we don’t often see

Follow the dark curvaceous surface of the ocean blue

To the point where it collides with the clear horizon

Such a rare and peaceful collision, unlike most in reality

As if they belong together…

I think it may just be a deception of the eye

But dare I swim to the edge of the world… stick out my hand and touch it?

Experience the harmony so few truly appreciate

It seems I may spend a lifetime

Dwelling over my place between the beach and the horizon

The deep, cool, salty sea

The burned out stars another lifetime away

It is my purpose in-between at which I marvel

I breathe in the sweet intoxicating ocean breeze

In it I discover a release that is forgotten, each moment my mind is able to rationalize

But as long as I take even an instant, to resist it

And remember the breath, of the sweet serenity

Found in the salty sea, on the wings of an ocean breeze

I know in my heart, there will always be a moment’s peace.

Credit Eric Hampton aka "The Storyteller"


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