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By Kevin Alan Lamb

It’s about the fun, not just the drunk

It has to start with one

Turn into two or three

We will wait and see

Out on the lake

Not a care in the world

Pounding brews

There is no such thing as bad news

The smoking gets going

We white boys start flowing

Spitting rhymes

We got time

One case killed

Have no worries

When I buy beer I am in no hurry

Two cases and a fifth

That should do us right

We get stupid and drunk

Maybe want to fight

Then out of the boat some dive

Nothing like a night swim to ease the mind

You try and find how many cold ones you’ve consumed

But before you think of it the bowls passed to you

Breathe it in

Suck it deep

Into your blood the THC will creep

Your head feels light

Nothing but the still water in site

The boat’s not moving

The captains been consuming!

He can’t tell left from right

No worries

We will just stay the night

The world is quiet

But the lake is booming

We all leave reality to another place

Complete real honesty

No one’s trying to save face

I cannot wait till those summer days

Me and the guys I love

Designated driver

You’re no longer a survivor

Our vehicle stays on the lake!

We travel in front of a wake

With the world left behind

The sun wakes us mid afternoon

And not too soon

Because the sun feels just right

The day has just begun

A moment of silence to take it all in

Hung over youth in the sun

A very pleasant site

We take a deep breath and say

Who’s got a light?


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