Style and grace I dare not waste

Imagine the day where I get just a taste

Many miles away, yet so close the heart

Real feeling, from the start

Intent to speak, content to listen

I imagine how her eyes under the California sun might glisten

I picture her walk, with a cast

A smile comes over me, always seeming to last

Excited for moments, where only words can be shared

Considering for an instant, through the will of the stars we’re paired

I imagine her gentle skin, toes tucked in the sand

I feel a strong pull to such a land

Many moments away, still just a hope

These feelings I have, drawing me to the coast

Sincerity and honesty, chilling to the bone

Because of you each night I sleep not alone

A phone call away, just a moment between us

Not in a lifetime could I have foreseen this

I said these words only a moment ago

And now in time, they continue to grow

I’d rather be excited about something I’ll never have,

Than bored with that which I already do.

You represent to me, beauty, truth, amazing personality and looks to boot

A simple connection, in such subtle words

A freedom between us, fluttering with the birds

There is no limit to the heights they may reach

An unspoken connection, a trust we ought not breach

I believe in the world again, and I owe it to you

Never be surprised with what wonders of the heart ensue.