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Follow the heart- you will always have the mind

Emptiness one moment- around the corner, amazed at what you find

Nothing to be consumed by- rather another face and another try

As the sun stares down upon- another presence from the sky

It’s scorching yet life-filled rays

Dance upon the curvaceous ocean waves

They’re connection, intertwined- makes you gaze

Like a boy- who first believed Santa was real-

A face filled with hope and honest appeal

Belief that there are amazing things in this world

His face, like the sun cast upon the water- is reflected for all those who don’t believe,

To see, to discover such impossibility made possible in a single glance

Let it carry you as she embraces your arms to dance

Do you feel the energy of a soul at play? Does it tickle you in that very way?

The bodies touch, like the white-capped wave- does rush-

Colliding in beautiful unity with the bright shining star

It traveled so far- worlds away- simply to say-

“I am here and together life is perfect,”

not forever, not for always, but in just one way

In an instant, you cannot resist it, because forever you wished it

It is for the world to see- how impossible- can come to be

Come to life- before your very eyes, if only to see the look on your face,

When the beautiful collision that saved your soul,

Is certain, not to be a waste.