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cottagefeb05_0095Icy slick black Ice

Deep gray and white- thought provoking

Remember the life you didn’t save

the Breath- you had to take

Like pins and needles, exactly how it’s described

One of the few times I’ve felt death- yet was still alive

I approached from the neighbors yard

Curious really of nothing at all

I heard her scream, the ice collapsing like a great wall

She disappeared from the horizon- nowhere to be seen

Amidst my disbelief, I sprinted to her relief

Or at least that was my intention

Down the hill I trudged

Heavily one boot at a time

It could have been an eternity, now it has become mine

Gasping for life and air- her arms flailing- screams muffled by hair

She couldn’t have known I was coming

By only chance had I seen her fall

I reached the ice and lightened my pace

I slid headfirst the ice bore my girth

My impact sent echo- reaching solid earth

Once more she did shout

She fell from my sight, it would be my only hope

I was her only hope

A hope she did not know

A hope- her fate I’d sow

From my feet I leaped

Held my breath

Cold water surrounded my soul

I saw her reach from 6 feet under

I swam I shook- how often I wonder

If I could have held on a moment longer

Reached just a foot further

Felt her near frozen dying hands

Been her savior bringing her back to solid land

But with one last effort I reached I failed

I panicked- I gave up- my selfishness prevailed

I sought air- continued life

Such a young girl- fading from sight

The depths of the darkness consumed her on that cold early December night

The lake freshly frozen

Eager to be trampled

Inviting for the young

Another lost soul- my despair had only just begun

Each night I see her face, as it slips away

Each night I hate myself- for not going down with her that day.