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The RedGage Traveling Showcase

Hi folks!  The RedGage Traveling Showcase is back to help you get to know some of your RedGage neighbors.  After jamming to some of Bob’s concert photography, I grabbed a baguette (for my bike basket, of course) and decided to head to the south.  Michigan is getting snow and I hate being cold.  Since my bike was slipping on the ice and I could use some tea, I decided to stay in the Midwest for another night.  There is nothing like a blanket and something good to read, so I went to knock on the door of a RedGage member who writes poetry.  I also hear Kevin likes Bob Dylan….

Traveling Showcase Stop #2 kevinlamb

What usually gets you writing?
Sometimes a song, a memory, a face, sometimes there’s just something I need to say to the world.

How did you get into poetry?
My 6th grade teacher told us to write a poem, we had thirty minutes, to this day I read the poem I wrote that day.

Do you have a favorite poet? A muse?
I love Bob Dylan.

If you had to listen to one album on repeat, over and over, what would it be?
Jack Johnson- In Between Dreams.

One place you would love to take your journal/notebook?
The Baltic Sea in Lithuania.

What is one of the next books on your to-do list?
Rum Diaries- Hunter S. Thompson.

Your favorite website (aside from RedGage, of course ;c) is?
Yahoo- I’m a fantasy dork.

What is your creative process?
Start writing and don’t stop until it feels write.

One thing that is always in your fridge?

Is there anyone or anything that you would give credit to for introducing you to art?
My brother is also a writer but we both came about in our own way.

Take away your computer, your camera, and your phone and what are you doing?
Sitting on my boat.

Top three movies:
Tough naturally, but I won’t cop out.
1. Rudy
2. Major League
3. Shawshank Redemption

Top three books:
1. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
2. Into the Wild
3. Fear and Loathing

Top three things you must do in your lifetime:
1. Have a family
2. Publish books
3. Be happy.

Your other personal websites or where you sell your work:

Meal of a lifetime is what?  With who?
Duck- with orange sauce.  Hunter S. Thompson.

Tell us a bit. Anything. We’re passing off the talking stick. Go….
I just started my masters in communication and leadership at Gonzaga. I’ve climbed three mountains, all in Juneau, Alaska. I rode a two wheeler at three, bungie jumped by 10, I’m ambidextrous, incapable of whistling, snapping, and I love kids.

To check out Kevin’s work: