It was all a dream


In disbelief

So real- surreal- how am I suppose to feel

It was all a dream

So lifelike- in the limelight

Only to wake in the middle of the night



Spiritually enlightened

Bright lights- the right sites

Clarity for a moments notice

Waking life

Such a quick strike

Left empy handed

Thought I knew you- Now I see through you

Left me bruised and branded

Can you believe this? Would’nt have conceived this

Imagine all you’l come to miss

Now it’s over

Will get over

You’re nothing but a scar that never bled

Get ahead- leave you behind- can’t a man achieve peace of mind?

It was all a dream

Come to find- and I’ll never mind- she was never mine

Let it go- hello- wake up to waking life

What will I do in this life?

From today till tomorrow, this moment to that

It was all a dream

Silly child fantasy

Not a man’s burden I’ve come to see

In the mirror- looking back- one fact- back on track- wasted notions- retracted

It never lasted

It was  all a dream