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Happy trails Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess, it’s been a good run, sorry you couldn’t get your ring Dyess, you’re undoubtedly one of the most genuine team players and all around good guys in the NBA.

Chauncey, you were our Mr. Big Shot- night in and night, we’d look no further than #1 with the game on the line, and how often you delivered.

I feel you guys- the Pistons got a bad wrap, almost underappreciated if you can fathom that- in the town with the most consecutive sellouts in the NBA. Already in this young 09 season I have heard two instances of fans dismissing the season since they felt you are not championship contenders.

In the city that hopes for a single Lions victory- fans have grown numb to everything you have accompished over the last five years.

It is not enough to reach the Eastern Conference Finals anymore.

Joe Dumars spoke of change- and today that change is here.

In the short time since A.I. has become a memeber of the Detroit Pistons, fans have alreayd began to grumble over our lack of a point guard, or a place for Rip Hamilton to play if Stuckey is going to be the new man at the top of the key.

Have no fear this Pistons fan ensures, Alen Iverson is here.

In just two games this season first year head coach Michael Curry has demonstrated his committment to playing 10 guys- finally taking advantage of the scarily talented bench you will here Detroiters so often talk about.

With McDyess out, finally we will see real minutes out of fan favorite Jason Maxziel, and Walter Herman, yes I said it, the Fabio of the Motor City.

Defined roles are overrated in the NBA.

Rip Hamilton is a scorer, nothing can change that.

If Iverson isn’t our point guard, Stuckey will be a great one.

Piston’s fans are unable to appreciate our depth  because we have never had a coach that utitlized it to our advantage.

The Pistons can out run anyone in the league, and be fresh for the fourth quarter.

Allen Iverson in a contract year is going to torch the house that the Bad Boys built.

Imagine these different lineup possibilties for Curry:

PG: Iverson SG: Hamilton SF: Prince PF: Wallace C: Johnson

PG: Stuckey SG: Iverson SF: Hamilton PF: Wallace C: Johnson

PG: Stuckey SG: Iverson SF: Hamilton F: Prince C: Wallace

Versatility will be the name of the game for the 2009 Detroit Pistons.

Fans can no longer complain that this is the same old team, with the same old story.

Joe Dumars has an incredible history of making moves the result in succuess, expect no different this time around.

Detroit is the best team in the East.

See you in the finals L.A.