What brings you they ask

a simple answer I reply

The one’s I love bring me to this place

Where my heart feels at home


Comforted opposed to alone

We have all been alone

Felt alone

Even though often we’re not

In moments we seem to fear

There are days when we wish certain things were near

But in lengths of time passing

We are reminded that certain things are everlasting

Transcending space and time

Bringing us together- if only in heart and mind

Remember we have eachother

Even in the toughest times

Remember who would miss you

If tomorrow you were gone

Imagine your funeral

Packed with all those you thought you did not have

Imagine their faces- when your spirit didn’t last

It certainly isn’t easy

And that is why we have eachother

Believe in the choices you make

They define who you are

Believe in the life you have made

Without it- how easily we scar

The world will always breed doubt

We need not reinforce such a burden

Winter brings cold nights

Darkened days

Do not let it wear your soul

Be strong

Instill vigor

Let passion- and those who love- guide you to better days

Count the ways

Picture the faces

Comforted by your life

Offer your hand, even your heart-

Remind them, like they have reminded you

Live together-

Feel together

Embrace those who will always be there

Appreciate the goodness

Fight the despair

Truly good things- aren’t so rare

Apparent is hope

Present is relief

Only one life

No sense being consumed with grief