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Passing by- passing time-just another silly rhyme

Words we say- words we phrase- pointless dribble, every day

What’s the point- what’s the reason- is there a single breath, you have believed in?

From thought to conception- creation to reception- ever think of letting go?

Sure they would know- but knowing is hardly caring, one less routine in which to be staring

Free them of your waste- let them forget the taste- no longer ask them to count the ways

Forget the fix- forget this- only romantics wish for a kiss

Fuck a wish- especially one for a kiss- imagine the reality that you’ll miss

Forget the well- farewell to the star- wish my ass- wish a scar

The romance is fading-

no more sweet serenade, emotion-elating

Just empty words- characters one through 26-

still nothing you will miss

Count nothing but the wasted seconds that continue to tick

another- and another-

there must be something out there to miss-

stop waiting-

why won’t you click

what is it you expect?

the x is just a click away

yet you continue to stay

pointless dribble

intentionally wasting your time-

like you have wasted mine.

how many seconds have gone by

punishing yourself with a drug that comes without a high

romanticism is but another ism-

an excuse

preventative use

of your own heart

your own soul



——- these words-