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She falls from a tree- like an autumn leaf

Limitless and free- dancing to the ground

Moving with the sound of the howeling breeze

She make’s me tremble- right down through my knees

Dancing without hesitation- bound by no reservation

She blows in the wind- traveling this way and that

Free from burden- if I have a say in that

Her hair wild- bronze and weightless

How life does change- yet somehow I still wait for this

Without certainty or determination

Maybe just a simple fascination

I’d rather believe in something great- even if in time it will dissapate

Perhaps the days passing will make such romanticsim out of fashion

But with the sun’s rise- the opening of my eyes- I know this smile is not a disguise

Like a child- like a feather–  silly, unburdened, something to treasure

Destiny is nothing more than happenstance- but belief gives any long-shot a chance

Reach for a hand- if only in the distance

Ask once more- does she dare to resist this

We reach- we seek- our hearts- they meek

A game we play- these words we say-  perhaps just a house made hay

No end in sight- or certainty tonight- hard to say if any of this is right

A leaf you are- a leaf you fall- maybe I can catch you after all

Without reason– without cause- I chase and hope, you are not lost

Seasons will change- like your colors

But a leaf’s a leaf- and I may always admire

Perhaps without reason- perhaps without chance-

Content knowing, I reached for your hand to dance.