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Sorry to leave- sorry if I was to stay

in this moment- transition to another day

So many seemless transitions tend to pass

Once in a while- one that will last

Most intense emotions fail to endure

Like trends- a moments passion certainly impure

Loss occurs rarely in our modern day

Death once in a while- most only know

This era is egoccentric- self relavating

The self seems to be each days concern

Understandably so, tomorrow I will go

We must filter the sensational from true

Sometimes we fool ourselves- but what matters is rarely you

The reflection in the mirror is one of the few constants we face

Good or bad- there every day

A soul learns what it’s made of when grasping its morality

The cold- yet undeniable fact that we will die alone

Nothing will be taken into the grave

I pitty those looking to the afterlife- looking to be saved

If one lifetime isn’t enough to facilitate your passion

I hardly believe another will be enough to ration

Give or take only 100 years to suffice

Waiting for tomorrow to come is a self destructive device

Make the decisions that hurt today

Be faithful but not naive-

Prayer will not bring your salvation

It must be a life-long self-fulfilled revelation

The only certainty in tomorrow is that it will come

Yet one day it will not

And on that day if you still have to pray for life yet to come-

I pitty you- for those you sought to please- who had you on your knees- never did for you the same

They lived their lives- found their wives- and counted on nothing but tangible experience

It is the dreamer you see- left to believe- something will be granted if they wish with all their might

Leave your imprint on the world-

Something worthwhile as it pertains to your soul

Feed your desire with the fire of the deepest and darkest hells

Because in contention we lack the invention of passion for the moment

Heaven on Earth is the phrase they say- forget about your silly ideals and clouds above

Manifest a vision, today make love the mission- but realize it means nothing without love of yourself

Forget your wishing wells- goodbye to shooting stars- remember your morality- remember your scars

Tomorrow you will wakeup- be thankful another day has come- take a long look at the reflection you face

Erase your self pitty- retrace your belief- save your self two minutes- no dropping on your knees seeking relief

Your are your own creator- in control of each moment there after- love what you got- no focus on what you’re not

One deep breath- one heart one chest- exhault the air from deep- today take a giant leap

Leave the doubt in the past- your self concept ensures you’ll last

Believe in today- aware of tomorrow

No longer faith need you borrow

I am what I am- and that’s one hell of thing to say

Would you be somebody else? If you had a say.