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Bright moon I see you there

Sky etched in grey

light so bright


Darkness hides on nights like this

Evil is in the air for just a bit

The howels beckon from shore to sea

Crows scared- you, and me.

Blowing wind transforms tonight

Assuming texture and life to fright

Shivers creep from nose to toes

comfort gone- in the wind it blows

Familiar sites so swiftly strange

In a single blink- how everything has changed

My pace turns from slow to fast- and fast to faster

Imagine the headline- “Man Killed in Willow Creek Disaster”

Cement smacks with every step

Growls grow closer with every breath

Feel the warmth of their air filled  heavy chest

Claws scraping- ignore- continue escaping

Salvation in sight

Survival cut tight

Just a moments more

Hand reaches for door-


Can’t be.

razor sharp teeth- cut to the bone

nerves severed

last moment remembered

she said yes.