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United in name

In these times of such tragedy,
we find our society in such uncertainty,
uncertain about what to say, think or feel,
wanting to do something,
but just not sure what,
one may look around,
and see something so rare,
something of such defiance,
that finally convinced our people to care,
now in these times,
one might stare,
eyes filled with pride,
as the nations flag waves in the air,
we have suddenly come together,
perhaps united as one,
but for how long will this render,
will there be a time when we cannot remember,
will we forget these saddened days,
when the sun eluded us of its rays,
where when we spoke of our country,
one would solemnly speak in praise,
but in all of our nations uniting,
where for the current time being in our land,
we finally seized fighting,
it has struck me so deep,
the severity of what’s wrong in the land which we sleep,
for so many years before that day,
on one September 11th,
our nations individuality,
that turned heavily into greed,
and the common good of others,
to the individual was no longer a need,
the United States we may of been named,
but United,
we never were,
we were blind and ignorant of this disease,
and perhaps if not for this tragedy,
this still may not have seized,
and perhaps if this day ever forgotten,
we will be blinded once again,
and if this ever begins,
we may not ever see it end,
and then again an enemy will have a message,
and a tragic message they may send,
and once again are nation may unite,
and to my eyes as not an American but a human being,
this will be a pitiful site,
because without the death of so many,
are nation so soon forgets all that is truly right.