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Tiresome nights, tiresome thoughts, I feel my eyes growing heavy, day time becomes just a habit, overcome- or be had by it, let it linger, let it maintain, a thousand times over, suffer pointless pain, my dreams are haunted by the romances of my past, have I not let these things go? How long can it last? In a dream the night of last, I was with both of them at once, it is really strange, you know there’s no need to write their names, even in the dream you choose the one you once loved, cant you see it so clear? That we were never meant to be, though the first hurt, a thousand times more pain, a lesson was learned, a friend not lost in vane. Don’t let it get the best of you, since she didn’t ever get the rest of you, let her fade into a hazy memory, let her dissolve like the rest, no effort to be made, no friendship to be saved, friends you have plenty, let her remain an enemy, its her choice for such action, such immature behavior warrants no reaction, be who you are- your integrity you need not question, for pretend love I must always mention, you faked it from the beginning, you lied to her eyes, now you’re free, to look for the earth, moon sky and sea.