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On a cold fall day

I gaze through the coffee shop window

With rushes of splashing rain

Filling the skies keeping the sun away

The world around me seems to be tired

Perhaps worn out by the people who claim it

It is on these days

That I come to remember

The one that I am without

She was something special

That’s without a doubt

I could describe to you in a thousand ways

How she infatuated me with a single gaze

How after she left

My happiness slipped away with the days


But not today

I remember these certain things

Like the days we kissed in the rain

With droplets of cool calm water slipping down her face

Her hair turned frizzled going in every which way

Her cold nose touching mine

Something that left that moment frozen in time

There was a day

When I still called her mine

I don’t know why I remember this

As I stare off into another cold fall day

Smiling as I imagine what she might say

And perhaps her hand would still be in mine

If only I had asked her to stay