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While you lay there as helpless as a child
I begin to contemplate upon the wonder of life
There was once a time when you cared for me when I was in need,
Always there standing with a band aid, as I was about to bleed.
You were the one who gave me comfort and safety
The one who read me to sleep at night
Comforting me when I woke up screaming from a bad dream
You were always there; next to me on my bed
You brought me peace without any words said
Written to be protected by the blood from which you’re bread
But with the sun tomorrow, the world will rise

And for the first time I cannot recognize the look in your eyes
Life’s twilight has clouded once clear blue skies
I have grown up with each day passed
and sure enough
you grew with me
with every day that I became an adult
was also a day where you grew one day closer to death
Recalling my once so strong and loving guide
Brings about tears as I now think, “please lord don’t let her die”
Somewhere along this path of life
we seemed to have changed the order we walked in

With tomorrows dawn

I will wake with you mom
I will be the one who comes to you when you are frightened in the night
I will be the one with band aid if you ever get into a fight

It seemed only an instant

How could I have missed it?

I became the adult; and you too much like the child from which I grew
but please mom

Don’t you show a ounce of shame,
I love you now as much as ever
I am still your little baby that could never sleep through an entire night
I am still your precious gift to the world,
that you would protect from any fight
I owe everything to you
and mom, one more thing

I love you.