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By Kevin Alan Lamb

A country man said loving you was like being drunk

In all my years I have never heard such a perfect analogy

Like alcohol, love seeps into your veins

It takes over– replacing your brains

It makes decisions in its place

It won’t let you forget her face

Being in love is like being intoxicated next to a phone

It doesn’t matter who you call

So long as you let your feelings be known

You wake up the next day

Your head aches as your eye catches the ray

Through the window the sun shines

You look at your phone

You called her eight times!

Can you remember a word you said?

Does she now know everything you dread?

Your words were sincere but it’s clear

You didn’t meant to release them to her ear

You seem to make me crazy

Like seven double shots that erase me

Take away my sense of reality and rationale

You turn my emotions on high

Why am I inspired?

You’d make me reach for the sky

Just to see me fall back down

Do I amuse you?

Shall I have another drink?

It doesn’t matter my love for you makes me sink

Let me close my eyes and say goodnight

For your love

I am no longer willing to fight.

Photo Credit Eric Hampton