I fell to my feet, stumbled to my toes, rolled to a stop- and gathered my clothes. Suitcase slammed shut- filled to the brim, sunshine in my eye- goodbye Mr. Grim. Knee high socks pulled to a stretch, out the door to live a game of fetch. Seek and find- travel and trial, a treasure hunt employed by a smile. Follow your nose until it quits, listening to your eyes- it should sound something like this.

whistling and humming, jukeing and jiving- life on the run, soon to be thriving- nothing holding me down, nothing behind, out in the world, out to find: peace and possibly the possibility to be free, not from the world, simply of me, look into a reflectionless mirror, weightless scale, white and pale, plastic and transparent, never a parent,  and never apparent, hidden in between the lines, on the wings of a wing, tip of a nose, light as a feather, undercover and undisclosed-

Endless stretches of cement paved black- through the rear view is the only time I look back. No reservations, no hesitations, no place at the table, no decision needed to enable. My course is set: Destination unknown, do not try to reach me, when I arrive I will phone- perhaps walkie talkie if my signal is strong, perhaps don’t wait up-if It’s been too long. It is not my intention to disappear entirely, but it is my intention to disappear partially. For that I apologize, but with little sincerity, it cannot be all of the masses intention to appear with distinct clarity, certainly a few of us feeble free souls are entitled to hazy resolution, it is only rationale to comprehend we yearn for an alternative solution.

I assure you this is much bigger than your thoughts and feelings, consciousness cannot be limited to such low ceilings, your self is your own, and for that you were given life- and I the same, though out path never to be, what’s your is yours- mine is mine, this will be the last trace- last reminants of a voice of a face, remember of it what you wish, this will be my last reply, I ask nothing, and become nothing, one in the same, no longer am I, no longer…