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Last night I received a comment on my blog from an ex-girlfriend. She was commenting on a blog regarding a past trip to Mexico which we encountered. It’s an absolute horror story, but that’s besides the point. There has been no continued communication since the event, or none of any relevance over the past 8 months. I have made no attempt to communicate, nor will I ever, despite receiving spiteful and bitter text messages from what I assume an intoxicated ex regarding events otherwise nonexistent in my universe.

I had just gotten home from the first game of my Monday night basketball league, put my feet up, turned on the latest entourage, and checked my gmail account and saw a message that immediately stank of her putrid nature. She went to the lengths of telling me all she has done in the past however many months, going to 5 countries, traveling the world, and proceeded to question/assume that I had obviously done nothing with my self based on the fact that I have a blog. I laughed.

First, why would I care what she has done? second, why would she care to tell me? I don’t find myself reading the blogs of people I no longer acknowledge as existent or relevant in my life, let alone go out of my way to comment on the very blog that I deem them worthless for writing, despite the very simple concept that I read it in the first place.

If people must seek out others, insult them, and boast of their feeble accomplishments, it says a lot about their self confidence, and inability to be content in and of his or her self. I need not reply with a laundry list of my accomplishments or activities in an allotted time period, that would be vane, petty, and a waste of my breath.

Believe in yourself enough to let others reap what they naturally sew.

Believe in yourself enough that you need not justify it to another soul.