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By Kevin Alan Lamb

I stand and face the heavens

Arms raised high above

Searching for the answer

Searching for this love

Pouring rain greets me

Falling from the sky

Stripping my loneliness from me

Dropping to my side

The water rushes through me

Cleaning every pore

Free me of the notion of chasing her anymore

The pouring rain has no reservation

Not an ounce of reluctance

It rains and pours without hesitation

Flooding away any romantic inspiration

It needs no need

It needs no rhyme

It rains without question

Knowing things will be just fine

I lose my self in the rain

Becoming a droplet and leaving the pain

Kevin becomes just a collection of characters

No longer soul or self

Into the earth he passes

Longing to gain from the earth’s wealth

Rich in character, rich in self sustaining satisfaction

Without the need of another for this happiness reaction

So many parts

Just one whole

Flowing intermittently with a single goal

Self preservation

It is the others that depend on you so

It is always the others greed

Threatening you thrive no more

Teach me your selfless ways

Teach me to become just a system

Mechanical in your structure

Yet divine in your beauty

Pure, limitless and free

An ideal

A perfection

At the very least

A distraction from me.

Photo Credit Eric Hampton


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