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What a weekend! Crushing defeat by Notre Dame over the putrid looking Michigan Wolverines. What makes it even better, I brought three wolverines to the game, took their money, and watched as their faces cringed, turnover after turnover. It almost seemed poetic, we arrived in South Bend around 11 am, 2:30 game time, and happened to  be in a tailgate that looked deemed for Michigan fans, and that pissed me off.

I got over it, we had almost three hours, a few cases of beer, and a 1/4 gallon of whiskey left over from Labor Day debauchery. The grill was hot, beer cold, and we were ready to start grilling after holding out on food all morning in the hustle of getting in town from Walled Lake, to KZOO, to ND. I was taking the edge off with some Tostitos and remembered I had bought a large jar of salsa, or at least I thought I bought a large jar of salsa. I started looking for salsa and it hit me, just before checking out at Meijer I decided I better purchase a tarp as a precaution to the pouring rain. I ran through the store back to the aisle we had set the tarp after previously deciding against making the purchase, ran back to the checkout, and back through the rain to the car, leaving the salsa and hot dogs behind.

By the time we parked our car the rain had stopped, the sun was out, tarp deemed unnecessary, and not a hot dog to our name. Son of a bitch. After a minor effort to purchase dogs at an inflated rate from neighboring tailgates, we accepted our fate and moved on. We focused on the things we had, rather than those we did not. That list included, no rain, tickets, lots of boose, hot dog buns, tostitos, and condiments. There was no reason to waste a hot grill, so Joe grilled the buns, we loaded them with tostitos, ketchup and relish, and ensured we had at least a light base for a certain day of drinking. We left our rain gear in the car, packed my rolling rock cooler deemed disposable, and made our way to the stadium. In the event that you were out of the country this past weekend, in the second half the heavens opened up and dumped a great lakes worth of rain on the earth. We of course, we’re among the very few without any rain gear, it was a wet one, and I couldn’t have asked for a better day, with better people. Saturday was the best football experience of my life, not to mention Charely Weiss was drilled by his own player.