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The sun shines.  Her nose curls. An old friend she is, one close to my heart, and old friend who these days, is a little to far. She comes and goes, here and there, we make an effort, but it is neither here nor there. Sometimes we talk, it seems to make us smile, a friendly reminder of another- once in a while. These days pass quicker- then the ones I once knew- still these days seem richer- from the cocoon I once grew. We search and search, for this or that, we run we leap- for love like that. Tomorrow becomes next month, this weekend perhaps next spring, yet never to be known- what tomorrow might bring. For me it’s been some time, since I dwelled over such thoughts, some time it’s been, since such sweetness I sought. I have learned in my days, although sometimes it’s confusing, nothing is for not, experience isn’t limited, to the choosing. I remember the day I met you, not exactly what you were wearing, but the first time I kissed you, dressed in yellow like the sun glearing. Do not stare too long my mother told me, it is bad for your eyes. Do not give into temptation, the illuminator of blue skys. Like a sunny day you shine, brightly, and stimulating, your rays warm their bodies, content and elating.