It’s always great to move. Especially when it’s just down the road about 10 minutes or so. The last several moves I made involved stuff (the shit we hang onto considering it may or may not one day be useful,) traveling over the course of 5 states, or 10 hours. Some of the stuff would remain in storage, while the most important always with me in my car. I started moving last week, one small trip at a time. Each week I have been spending one night in my soon to be new house, A. Because It’s exciting and I like spending time with my roommate Dave, and B. By making the move gradual over time, I will not hate life when I return from California and officially move in. I have two weeks until the Lamb Family reunites in sunny So. Cal, which will be left for another day, and intend to move as much as my stuff as possible, without inconveniencing daily life.

I started with dishes, kitchen ware, and most importantly the Golden Phoenix. For those of you that don’t know, which is just about everyone, the Golden Phoneix is a brilliant piece of art that my former roomate Gabe and I discovered at a thrift store in North Carolina. The scene is a sunrise on the Pacific in the far east settling over grand sailboats, and fisherman the same. It was marked at 70.00, and the store was currently having a half off sale. We decided the Phoenix was worth it, especially considering it would be split three ways between Gabe, Brando my other roommate, and myself. The lady at the counter mistook the price tag for being 7.00, rather than 70.00, and marked it down to 3.50 making us very happy campers. We looked at eachother, dumbfoundedly smiled, and agreed not to tell brando about the mark down. Now don’t go thinking we’re terrible roommates, we used the money we saved to buy beer, so it wasn’t entirely corrupt. The Phoenix has had three homes, and the current is most certainly the most fitting of its prestige. It rests perfectly on the mantle above the fire place surrounded by an earhly stone. I can honestly say it is happy.

Some of the thing’s that I have enjoyed most in the early goings of my new residence: 1. It is on South Commerce Lake, and there is a very nice pontune boat for our pleasure. 2. Weight Bench in basement and treadmill with tv mounted for optimal viewing. 3. Flat screen hdtv with DVR, which is something I’ve never experienced in my own home. 4. There is a liquor/party story directly across the street, 30 second walk, and it is ran by two Indian/Pakistani (?) men named Patrick and MIke, which in it self is amusing.

Considering the house is fully furnished, there is only a short list of things necessary to the added quality of life that I seek: (This list is subject to change in the passing weeks.)

1. Patio furniture: We have a great deck, and balcony off the kitchen.

2. Grill

3. Bed frame and box spring

I am excited that although summer is winding down, there will still be a solid month and a half of going out on the lake. It will not be appropriate lake activity weather for the entire time, but it will still be desirable to throw on a hoody, grab a bottle of wine, and take an evening stroll.

In my second mini move I was able to bring a few more substancial items to the house:

1. DVDs- I have a large collection which deserved a better home than the plastic clothes compartment sitting on my brothers floor. To demonstrate the neglect to which my collection was subjected, I turn to the night of Operation Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was some time ago, around Christmas Break I do recall. My parents were out of town and I was having one of my many get togethers that have come to define our social construct over the years. The time was nearing 4 AM, if any ladies were there they had most certainly cleared out, all that remained was 10 amply sauced gentleman scholars looking for their next kick. It was at this time a friend of mine named Bryan and recently reaquainted lady friend decided to call  it a night. I warned him.

“Bryan, if you goto bed right now I promise you we will fuck with you. I’m sorry, but it’s out of our hands.”

He laughed, gave the usual reply,

“Yea okah,”

and continued to bed. The next hour and a half was used to comprise on of the most clever and well developed schemes occuring between the hours of four and six in the morning. These were the assignments.

Simon: Water

Richard: Water

Kevin C: Flour

Me: Flour

Milliken: Industrial strength leaf blower

Greg: Camera

In case you havn’t put it together, this is the order of operation. Door opens, flick light switch on, camera man enters, pitchers of water dispursed, cups of flour tossed, give command,

“Texas chainsaw massacre!,”

Industrial strength leaf blower enters to seal deal, we exit, youtube star is born.

 Unfortunately, that’s not exactly how it went down.

Door opened, light switch on, camera man enters, water gets dispursed, flour man one goes down, flour man 2 goes down, light switch turned off, command is given,

“Texas chainsaw massacre!,”

industrial strength leaf blower enters, but somewhere in the mess- extention cord was unpulgged, everyone evacuates, I’m left lying on the floor.

“There was an exit strategy!”

I spoke through a flood of laughter.

Needless to say Bryan and fellow victim were not happy with our shennanigans. Obviously we considered this in our plotting, and overwhelming believed it would still be worth it there after. In viewing the footage it turns out that we captured 5 seconds of brilliance, before someone, who to this day remains unknown, turned off the lights, leaving us with noise and darkness. In the end it seemed to be more trouble than it was worth; turns out flour when mixed with water is quite the difficult substance to remove from just about anything, including the cases of my DVD’s.

2. Dressor

3. Towels

These items were in the same room but came away unscaved.

I return from California Septermber 9th, and will then call 1208 Oakley Park my new home. Many a great memories will be left behind at 6702 Windmill Lane, but they will always remain.